Born in Argentina and having lived half her life in Berlin, Lila de la Vega grew up heavily influenced by the music played at home, such as The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Cat Stevens and many more. But it was the Blues Brothers movie that exposed her for the first time to the world of music and got her hooked.
At 20, Lila spontaneously decided to move back to Buenos Aires, and it was here when she first picked up a guitar and began to explore the possibilities of music for herself, testing out different genres. But it wasn’t until being back in Berlin, in 2020, that she was ready to take her music to the next level by writing her own songs.
Her 1st single “Longtime friend” is an homage to friendships that stand the test of time and space. Leading the life of a traveler, Lila experienced first hand how valuable the bond of friendship is when you’re on the road. Her new single "Let's go on  a ride" is a reminder that life is one and it is now, so better enjoy the ride. She is currently working on new songs to be released in the upcoming months.
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